Aristeia Alliance

The Alliance networks leading global universities in a Aristeia Alliance PNGspecific discipline and possibly international companies, which may provide a training / placement environment for research students. The aim is to help build a strong future for the member institutions by creating a constructive and positive space for debate and new ideas and provide the trainees with a possible job opportunity. The member institutions work closely with employers, to provide long work placements and equip graduates with the skills and abilities needed to secure employment.

Various collaborative institutions and companies across the globe are members of the Alliance. Each separate entity offer research supervision and facilities necessary to the enrolled students of each program.

The convention between the Alliance and the member institutions is based:
1. On the academic credentials presented by the host institution, providing evidence of excellence in learning and research.

2. On the basis that SR21 – Institute for Scientific Research, can provide together with research oriented institutions worldwide, a number of undergraduate or postgraduate Advanced Research Study awards, based on the research excellence of each candidate.

3. On the accreditations and credibility of the conferred awards.

The following Higher Research Study schemes are offered – equivalent to the UK new Regulated Qualifications Framework (UK – RQF), accredited and accepted worldwide – conferred and offered jointly with elite degree granting institutions globally, signifying the highest level of advanced study attainable by a student:

– Bachelor of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 6 [TopUp]

– Master of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Licentiate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Doctorate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 8

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ZEBS - Switzerland

ZEBS LOGO ZEBS – Zurich Elite Business School is a management boutique, established in Zurich in 2004 offering the world’s first personalised and practical oriented MBA focusing on graduates and young professionals. The programs’ extreme practical orientation at Zurich Elite Business School, make close cooperation with industry and business a pre-requisite. At ZEBS, highly individualised management training for students takes place on the true source of activity: corporations.
The Zurich Elite Business School, in collaboration with SR21 – Institute for Scientific Research, offer externally, in specific countries, single, joint and dual business related programs leading to Bachelor, Master, MBA and Doctorate awards, in Business Sciences related fields.

MTIM - Technical University of Crete

MTIM program with internship in Israel.
The MSc in Technology & Innovation Management is a one-year intensive interdisciplinary program offered by the Technical University of Crete. It is coordinated by the School of Production Engineering and Management with the collaboration of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This program is designed for graduates from a wide range of academic backgrounds including Engineering Schools, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Agriculture, Business Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Medical & Bio-medical, Military Academies and Technological Universities & Institutes from EU and non EU countries.. The language of instruction is English. The “Aristeia alliance” supports this degree program worldwide. Double awards are available depending on the credentials of each individual student.

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