Technology Transfer

Science jobs are not all the same

One of our institution’s key aims is to encourage more young people to consider a career in science. A science professional may have a rev_landing_girl career as a scientist, in science or from science.

Technology transfer is the process of transferring knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among academic institutions, governments and other entities to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users, who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.

Technology transfer may offer a lot to research institutions. Where start-ups and spin-outs are the clients, commercial fees are sometimes waived in lieu of an equity stake in the business. The dynamics of the technology transfer process has attracted attention in its own right, and there are several dedicated societies and journals.

In ancient times, Archimedes was notable for applying science to practical problems. Our team of experts work towards the application of scientific concepts or processes to new situations or circumstances.

Via our schools, divisions, labs and units, students can work towards an Advanced Higher Research study award, which might lead to new knowledge and technologies.

The following Higher Research Study schemes are offered – equivalent to the UK new Regulated Qualifications Framework (UK – RQF), accredited and accepted worldwide – conferred and offered jointly with elite degree granting institutions globally, signifying the highest level of advanced study attainable by a student:

– Bachelor of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 6 [TopUp]

– Master of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Licentiate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Doctorate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 8

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