School of Business Sciences

At our School of Business Sciences, we provide our students with individualised solutions and services in business education. We run programs internationally in collaboration with ZEBS – Zurich Elite Business School. ZEBS is a boutique Business School established in 2004 in Zurich. It is committed to providing a world-class education in business, to helping fellows achieve excellence in their academic and professional careers and companies develop and strengthen their most valuable asset: people.

Our School of Business Sciences seeks to educate and foster a global community whose core values facilitate not only outstanding performance in business but also in ethical business practices. Thus our objective is to improve the economic and living conditions of diverse populations around the world by steering business and public policy leaders toward identifying and implementing innovative ideas for creating broad-based prosperity.

S.T.E.M. skills and knowledge are of course valuable in many types of non STEM businesses – marketing, modelling, product development, finance, insurance, communications etc. but in the S.T.E.M. related business to business environments (e.g. pharmaceuticals marketing and IT services) a high level of technical and specialist knowledge is essential. Business Scientists must have sufficient scientific and technical knowledge to be credible with colleagues and competitors and over time they will have opportunities to progress through the company to higher levels at which their scientific knowledge is valuable but their management and business skills are essential. At senior management board or executive board level, they may be in a minority of those with science knowledge and will have to cover discussions and decision-making on new products, competition, health and safety etc.

Advanced Research Degrees

The following Higher Research Study schemes are offered – equivalent to the UK new Regulated Qualifications Framework (UK – RQF), accredited and accepted worldwide – conferred and offered jointly with elite degree granting institutions globally, signifying the highest level of advanced study attainable by a student:

– Bachelor of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 6 [TopUp]

– Master of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Licentiate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Doctorate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 8

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