Chemical Structures

Recent research has described a number of novel material characteristics. New identified material radiations and fields have been described and novel detection methods are advanced based on the “signature” of each substance. Applications of such “novel” fields are developed by the Mediterranean Institute for Scientific Research and a novel detection system has been developed.

A first mature line of product has been developed and proprietary produced under our Institute’s proprietary production line, resulting in the production of a materials detection system. Through appropriate operation and after subsequent training, an experimented team can detect a given substance in a range of several km distances.
Our institution provides both the hardware, software, training and services, for the detection of specific chemical structures.

Potential applications include: team1

• Chemistry, for the elucidation of a specific chemical structure
• Forensic sciences
• Security systems
• Investigational cases
– Substance detection
– Human detection
• Lost person detection in cases of lost individuals or after major physical destructions

Advanced Study Degrees

The following Higher Research Study schemes are offered – equivalent to the UK new Regulated Qualifications Framework (UK – RQF), accredited and accepted worldwide – conferred and offered jointly with elite degree granting institutions globally, signifying the highest level of advanced study attainable by a student:

– Bachelor of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 6 [TopUp]

– Master of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Licentiate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 7

– Doctorate of Advanced Study – equivalent to UK RQF Level 8

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